Iain Broome

Freelance copywriter and content designer. Founder of Sheffield Content Club.
Iain Broome

I’m a copywriter and content designer with bags of experience.

Very Meta is my freelance writing and content studio. I develop content strategies, turn complicated ideas into plain English and write thoughtful copy for print and screen. Very Meta is mostly me, but when a bigger project comes along, I bring in and work with one or more trusted content colleagues.

Current and previous clients include FutureGov, Design Council, Good Things Foundation, Westfield Health, TribePad, Cornerstones Education, Sheffield Digital, Perform Green, the National Adoption Service and bestselling author, Wilbur Smith. Through my work for content agency, Content OD, I've also been content lead on projects for Sheffield Hallam University and Facebook.

Before starting Very Meta, I did content strategy and project management at Yoomee, a Sheffield-based digital agency. I helped build websites and apps for clients including the Eden Project, Save the Children, and West Wakefield Health.

And before that, I was part of a crack content team at The Workshop, then one of the UK’s leading design agencies. It’s where I learnt how to listen well and empathise with clients. It’s also where I earned my professional writing chops, creating marketing campaigns, learning materials and websites for companies like Morrisons, learndirect and John Smedley.

In 2019 I founded Sheffield Content Club, a free meetup for the city's many fantastic content creators. I previously organised Sheffield Tech for Good, a regular event hosted by Yoomee. I’ve also hosted a popular weekly podcast called Write for Your Life, edited literary magazines and co-founded a much-missed, monthly spoken word night in my home city, Sheffield.

Finally, my first novel is called A is for Angelica and is published by Legend Press. Reviews were very kind and include praise from The Daily Mail, Time Out and Nathan Filer, winner of the Costa Prize. I’m working on a follow-up while also wrangling four small children. Cripes.

A monthly meetup for Sheffield's content makers, movers and shakers.

Our next event is 28 February 2023. Pop your address in the space below and get the latest news right in your inbox.

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