Photo: Joe Horner

Oh hello job seekers and employers of the world!

This job board is aimed at the wonderful content community here in Sheffield. It is maintained by the Sheffield Content Club team and we would love you to share your jobs here with us.

We use the word content quite liberally as our meetups are for anyone who works with content in any way. That means we are writers, designers, artists, podcasters, videographers, photographers and other stuff too.

Just tip-tap the magic button below and fill in a very short form to add your job, freelance contract or some other opportunity to the board.

One more thing. We are super-nice and know that you are too, but we reserve the right to politely say no thank you if we think your job isn't a good fit.

A monthly meetup for Sheffield's content makers, movers and shakers.

Our next event is 28 February 2023. Pop your address in the space below and get the latest news right in your inbox.

Sheffield Content Club

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