It's time for Sheffield Content Club

Sheffield Content Club is a new meetup on its way to your favourite city very soon.
It's time for Sheffield Content Club

First of all, thank you for signing up and showing an interest in Sheffield Content Club. There are 35 of you as I send this, which suggests there might indeed be a collective appetite for a Sheffield content-related meetup. Hooray!

Now, I’ve done very little shouting about Sheffield Content Club so far and even less to explain what I think it could be. So I thought I would keep this initial momentum and write a blog post to give you some more information.

Of course, you’ve already done the hard work of signing up, but there are many other content people in Sheffield who might like to know about the meetup. That’s where I need your help.Here are some handy instructions:

That’s it for now. There is much to think about and various logistical hurdles ahead, but we’re off to a great start.I’ve included those links again below, as well as the handy tools I’ve used to get this going so far.Many high-fives,Iain

A monthly meetup for Sheffield's content makers, movers and shakers.

Our next event is 28 February 2023. Pop your address in the space below and get the latest news right in your inbox.

Sheffield Content Club

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